Montag, 29. Juli 2013

Magazines I Found and Liked II

There can never be enough information about cities. What they look like, how they smell, how they make you feel, how they form your behavior, your life, your everyday ways, your priorities, your free time, your way of thinking. Living in a city can mean everything to a person and a personality. My life would be completely different living in a city bad public transport. Or in an unwalkable city. In a city with less security, in a gated community, in a city with a larger population. I think about cities every day. What's good, what's bad, what could be better, what should be better. How. Why. 

Magazines about cities are great! The internet is great to, though... You can spend days and still not even know all the basic topics that are discussed right now. 
Stadtaspekte also updates you on their homepage and via facebook on topics of all kind concerning cities. It's in German. But if you click on Stadt um zehn you can also find english articles. 
 A reason to buy instead of just browse the net is the texture of the paper. The layout, the fonts. The feeling of holding this in your hands. 

I admit I am a paper-addict. I stoped printing my lecture material in university because I am a tree saver. I read online newspapers. I read i pad magazines. But these un-glossy, thick pages that were designed with so much love, pictures in good quality. It's the feeling, the content. Magazines. Whenever I feel un-inspired and in need of some comfort I turn to the shelf with all the amazing magazines and books full of assorted content. Carefully adjusted. 
Tomorrow I will go and check if I can get the second edition of Stadtaspekte in the main stations magazine store. It's out since the 26th.  

Next time I will try to make a nicer layout for the blog by writing my post in indesign. Maybe. We will see how this turns out of course. 

Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

Shoe Season

Sales have started a while ago and Net-a-Porter has its final sale! If anybody is interested in shoes and has some €€€ to spend, thats the place to shop... I basically love all of them, and now they are actually affordable. Not for me though, because I'm only a student with no income. And those shoes are NOT made for walking, more like being driven around.

I really like this trend! The red Oscar de la Renta are my favorite.

Top: Burberry now 135€;  ALAÏA now 689€;   BRIAN ATWOOD now 138 €
Middle: GIVENCHY now 219€;    GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI now 238€;    BRIAN ATWOOD now 239 €
Bottom: GIANVITO ROSSI now 178€;    OSCAR DE LA RENTA now 240€;   PIERRE HARDY now 159€

Can you tell I am playing with Indesign for the first time?! I need a lot more practice but my test-licence will run out in 28 days and I don't really have the time to play when I should be studying for my exams...

REED KRAKOFF now 192€;      GIANVITO ROSSI now 132€;   CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA now 572€

I'm sorry I don't write in German anymore at all, but it just takes so much time to write everything two times and I guess everybody knows english.  

Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

On top of the World

Picture Overload!
We went hiking in Austria last weekend. What a view! (Wish I could make the pictures larger but Blogger wont let me...) And so relaxing to not think about the work loads we left behind. There really was no time thinking about it, as we all had to concentrate on what's ahead of us. Exhausting but so worth it. 

First stop for lunch by the river. Such beautiful scenery! 
 Up front: the mountain we wanted to climb the next day. 

First day's achievements. Hiked from Austria to Germany. 
 Early morning start to make it to the top.

On top. 
 Made it. It's not the top though, but the rest was snowy and unsafe, so most of us didn't feel like breaking bones today and eventually nobody made it up all the way. 

 Can you see the path that leads down? It's a small path to the edge and then you have to climb down. 
 Panorama view. Everybody was wearing light shirts but little Sarah is scared of sunburn, so I decided to get cooked in my jacket. Wasn't that bad, actually.
Back on the ground, having a drink. 
Came back home safe. No sunburn except on my ears. Score.


Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

Wine and Shoes

Buy Here
Pictures found on WellDoneStuff

I'm spending some time at home to finish my assignments and papers before my exams start. So in the morning I have time to surf the net while having breakfast. The result is an immense inspiration boost every day. Rediscovered an amazing photographer, found amazing iPhone speakers and a wine cellar. At first I thought it was shoe storage! Dreaming of a spiral cellar full of shoes! And an extra one for the wine. But now back to work. 

Montag, 8. Juli 2013

Stuttgart Discoveries

Stuttgart, nicht New York nicht London nicht Paris
- Stuttgart, not New York not London not Paris -

says it all. Stuttgart is just as exciting.
That's not true. But Stuttgart can be pretty and can be charming in it's own way. Just like my fav Cafè, Koenigx.  

Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

The Magazines I

21 China
One of my interests my mother hates the most is collecting magazines! I love reading magazines, looking at the beautiful pictures, enjoying the texture of the paper. I don't do vogue or any other fashion mag mostly because the content is not as appealing. Way to many ads and almost no interesting content. To me fashion is an online-thing. There is a lot more out there than a magazine can cover. So instead of fashion, I enjoy architecture, interior design, urban planning, science and cultures, sometimes business. 

 The layout and graphics are superb. Wish I could create this...
Sweet personal stories about business-dreams come true. 

21 China is so well done, I love everything about it. I read it in 2 days, during coffee breaks, lunch, commuting to university. Highlighting aspects of Chinese culture, the differences between China and Germany, and most importantly, showing some insights into Chinese businesses and their heads. This edition was also covering Chinese celebrities. I'm slowly getting into a China-Vibe, there are so many beautiful places to visit there, too! 

Another plus: like 21 china on facebook or twitter for daily news about interesting newspaper articles, tv documentaries or the newest Chinese movie. Information is KEY.

Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Still Alive

I am still amazed by the people who manage to blog regularly and still do everything else as well. Blogging takes up so so so much time. My university courses totally buried me in work. I even quit my job because I couldn't bear losing a whole day every week. But I already found two other interesting jobs i might start. As usual I can not not have too much on my to do list... 

But for now it's July, this means, the better half of the year has begun! Stay motivated!

Ich muss Menschen bewundern, die es schaffen regelmäßig zu bloggen und gleichzeitig alles andere noch schaukeln, ganz nebenbei... Die Uni hat mich so fest im Griff, ich hab sogar meinen Job gekündigt weil ich es nicht mehr schaffe einen Tag in der Woche zu opfern. Aber ich hab schon wieder zwei neue im Blick... Natürlich! Man darf nie zu wenig zu tun hab...

Aber jetzt ist erstmal Juli! Die bessere Hälfte des Jahres hat heute begonnen! Motivierend. 

The weather is getting better, finally. Though there is not much time enjoying it. But hey, this is not the last summer of my life. Another will come and I can look forward to this.